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There are a number of common misconceptions or, more frankly, lies about youth ministry. During his years serving as a youth minister in several different churches, Aaron Shaver encounter a multitude of misconceptions, myths, un-truths, and outright lies about what a youth pastor is and does.

Most of these myths and lies were never intentionally created by any one person, Aaron says. Rather, false assumptions and romanticized expectations from so many pastors,
and so many would-be youth pastors,
and so many parents,
and so many teens,
over so many years have created…well, so many lies. And most of us don’t realize we are all repeating these lies about this relatively new institution called ‘youth ministry’. 

In his book, Youth Ministry is Easy, and 9 other lies, Aaron attempts to clear the air and give youth pastors, adult volunteers, parents and anyone else with the desire to work in youth ministry an honest look at what they are getting themselves into.