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At WordCrafts Press and WordCrafts Theatrical Press, we’re looking for quality fiction, non-fiction and stage plays in a variety of genres. A quick look at our current list of titles will give you an idea of the type of material we prefer.




What People are Saying

“A book for every age.”

“For a thoughtful and compassionate road map to a fulfilling life, this read is a must!”

5-Star customer review of:

Embracing a New Vision of Aging
by Sheryl Towers

“… a meaningful and well told story. Any book that provides this insight and impactful recollections of our past is a successful tale indeed.”

5-Star customer review of:

Odd Man Outlaw
by K.M. Zahrt

Her stories captivated me and some brought tears to my eyes. If you are a dog lover, this book is a must read.

5-Star customer review of:

In the Company of Dogs
by Dr. Jeannette Barnes

“The child in me, from once upon a time and before I could read, was again thrilled and captivated by the whimsical and dazzling artist’s renderings of the story.

5-Star customer review of:

Man in the Moon
by Kelly Young-Silverman
Illustrated by erin the great

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