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ATLANTA, GA (January 14, 2016) – It’s time to go to sleep. But one of the counting sheep from the Sweet Dream Team has gone missing. With bedtime soon approaching, and the town in a fuss, They need to find Wilson. They have to! They must!

The delightful, whimsical children’s picture book, Where’s Wilson? written by Kelly Young-Silverman and beautifully illustrated by Erin Wicker (known professionally as erin the great) released to retail today from WordCrafts Press. The book previously made its ebook debut exclusively on Amazon Kindle on October 20, and within a week had already impacted three of the online retailer’s Hot 100 sales charts, climbing to #25 on the Kindle Store’s Children’s Books, Imagination & Play chart; #26 on the Kindle Store’s Children’s Books, Bedtime & Dreaming chart; and at #46 on the Amazon Books, Children’s Books, Sleep category. Where’s Wilson? is distributed to the trade in hardback and trade paperback from Ingram Content Group.Where’s Wilson? is a fanciful illustrated story about Wilson, an important member of the Sweet Dream Team, who wanders away from the team. With bedtime rapidly approaching, the whole community bands together to find Wilson. After all, how can anyone manage to fall asleep if there aren’t enough sheep to count?

This captivating rhyming picture book features frolicsome watercolor illustrations that vividly bring the story to life. Children will love the sing-song verses and discovering new objects and characters in the multi-layered pictures.

Where’s Wilson? is the second in a series of Evie & Knox night time story books.

Good, Works!

“WordCrafts Press donates 5% of each of our titles’ profits to a charitable organization or needy individual designated by our authors through our Good, Works! program,” explains publisher Mike Parker. “Through our Good, Works! program we support a wide range of charities including crisis pregnancy centers, animal shelters, cancer and AIDS research, local churches and many other worthy causes.”

To celebrate the retail release of Where’s Wilson?, WordCrafts Press is doubling their normal commitment by donating 10% of the profits from the sales of any Evie & Knox story book purchased at retail through the end of February 2016, to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Eligible books include hardback, paperback and ebook versions of Where’s Wilson? and Man in the Moon.

“St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is the choice for a number of our authors, and it is an organization we are thrilled to support,” Parker continues. “Many of us have experienced St. Jude’s first-hand, either through the care they provided to our own family members or to the children of dear friends. I can’t think of a better organization to support.”