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New Book Offers Hope for the Future of Dementia and Alzheimer Patients.

The numbers of cases keeps growing of people who are in first stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s. “Truth, Lies & Alzheimer’s: Its Secret Faces” is a groundbreaking title that is very comforting work for any family dealing with a member with dementia or Alzheimer’s Every day the news is filled with stories of men and women who in their dementia or Alzheimer’s state stray away from where they live for whatever reason, as well as staggering numbers of who has either of the diseases.

About The Author:

Lisa Skinner is a behavioral specialist in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. In her 25-year career as a community counselor, private adviser and Regional Director of senior care facilities, she helped thousands of families and caregivers understand the daunting challenges of brain disease. Her #1 Best-seller book Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost, was written at their urging. Her latest book, Truth, Lies & Alzheimer’s—Its Secret Faces continues Skinner’s quest of working with dementia-related illnesses and teaching families how they can have a better-quality relationship with their loved ones.

About The Author:

Douglas W. Collins is an internationally respected business strategist who initiated Brand Development, Capital Acquisition, End Game and Go Public Scenarios, and Strategic Business Plans. He is an accomplished speaker and trainer having authored many presentations in sales training, global marketing, arts and entertainment, and broadcast media. He is co-author of Artist at Work honoring the legacy of western artist Kenneth M. Freeman. Collins also wrote the album liner notes for the best-selling CD Shipped by jazz pianist John Shipley, a founding member of the jazz fusion group Hiroshima.
Collins presently serves as the Director of Business Development of HEAMGEN, Inc. which is an exciting MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH Company for building resiliency into the global blood supply chain by applying patented technology to manufacture lifesaving mature, human Type O-Negative red blood cells from stem cells.