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New collection of strange stories featuring felines dwells on their most elusive and enigmatic qualities

Felines, as Katherine Kerestman and S.T. Joshi remind us in the introduction to their beguiling new collection The Weird Cat, alternately show their owners affection and treat us as unworthy of their time and energy. Sometimes they have, pardon the expression, bigger fish to fry.

The editors describe cats as hyper-alert creatures that see all kinds things people do not, poised as they are at an interdimensional nexus. In Kerestman’s and Joshi’s analysis, that goes far toward explaining all manner of behavior you may have wondered about and chalked up to your pet being naturally inscrutable: hissing, trilling, bounding up and down stairs, nocturnal frenzies, staring off into a distance that we, with our primitive vision, could never fathom. The pet on our lap knows what is down that way, and maybe it is just as well that we cannot see what it does