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Bestselling author Jacob M. Carter has just received word that his new book, The RipTide, has been accepted into the Paul W. Bryant Museum Library in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Library, which contains the most extensive collection of archival and published materials about The University Alabama sports in the world, serves thousands of researchers, print media journalists, radio and television journalists, Museum visitors, callers and correspondents each year.

“What an honor to have The RipTide accepted into the Bear Bryant Museum Library!” declared author Jacob M. Carter. “I grew up in Alabama and was a huge fan of Coach Bryant. I use to walk through the Museum as a child. I’m thrilled that through The RipTide Coach Saban’s players and Coach Bryant’s players will be linked together into one oral history for younger Alabama fans to read about from here on out. Without Coach Bryant’s era there never would have been the pressure to hire a Nick Saban in the first place. Bear Bryant and his players are the undercurrent for Coach Saban’s recent success.”

The Paul W. Bryant Museum exists to collect, preserve and exhibit items, and to disseminate information relating to the sports history of the University of Alabama. It is dedicated to educating and inspiring a universal audience about the significant contributions and accomplishments of University of Alabama collegiate athletes, while fostering a sense of history, tradition and excellence; allowing visitors to place past events in clear perspective.

The Paul W. Bryant Museum serves as a leading resource to other sports museums, The University of Alabama, its alumni, fans, supporters and other organizations by preserving and interpreting the history of collegiate sports.