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Poets, philosophers and playwrights throughout the ages have wrestled with the universal issue of mortality, and the equally universal question of the meaning of life (Hint: the answer is really NOT “42”). It is a subject that Wisconsin-based playwright, Dennis Doud, examines with both wit and humor in his new short play, The Obits.

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“The Obits” is the debut short play by Dennis Doud.

“Originally, I wanted to write something for a couple of 50-somethings to star in,” Doud explains. “Then one day I opened up our local newspaper and there were the obituaries. As a long-time resident of our community, I realized I knew about half the folks mentioned. That’s when it hit me: There was my story! After that the script practically wrote itself.”

The play, which features 2 men, 2 women and a single set, revolves around the interactions of two strangers – both retired – who get off on the wrong foot over a favorite table at the cafe.

Joe celebrates his first day of retirement by stopping into the cafe for a cup of coffee and the newspaper. He doesn’t realize that he has chosen the seat and the newspaper of longtime regular, Eddie, who is a creature of habit. Marlene, the cafe’s matriarchal waitress, diligently tries to talk Joe into moving just as Eddie shows up and makes a scene. Joe bites his tongue on Marlene’s account and moves to the other table, leaving Eddie to read his beloved obituaries.

From this awkward beginning, an unlikely friendship develops.

“In the end, Joe and Eddie discover that people are the most important commodity on the planet,” Doud says, “that we are all the same. We all have dreams, fears, hopes and scars.”

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The Obits
by Dennis Doud
WordCrafts Theatrical Press
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