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Tammy Chandler


Tammy Chandler is a wife, mother, teacher, friend, author and public speaker.  She accepted Christ as Savior when she was five years old, dedicated her life to full-time service as a teenager and has worked in various ministries for the past twenty years.  She has a bachelor of education degree from Clearwater Christian College, and a master of education degree from Jones International University.  After many years of using everyday objects to teach children and teenagers, God allowed her to write Devotions from Everyday Things (Westbow Pressand its follow-ups More Devotions from Everyday Things, Devotions from Everyday Things: Horse & Farm Edition, Devotions from Everyday Jobs, and Devotions from Everyday Sports to include a larger audience.

When she is not writing, Tammy enjoys spending time with her husband, John, watching their teenage boys play sports, going horseback riding with their daughter or playing fetch with their dog, Ava. The Chandlers live in Tennessee.

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Featured Title


Devotions from the Barn Door

Devotional – Christian Life

Devotions from the Barn Door is the sixth book in author Tammy Chandlers’ popular Devotions from Everyday Things series.Each devotional is designed to help readers find ethereal truths connected to our mundane world. This volume focuses on the everyday objects, tasks, and experiences of life on the farm, but the spiritual observations are applicable to people from all walks of life.

The devotions in this book evoke quiet times with God based on lessons that can be gleaned from the farm. Each one includes a daily Scripture passage that connects our everyday lives to God’s Word; an Illustration from the barnyard that helps us apply the principles of Scripture throughout the day; a Thought-provoker that offers an opportunity to adjust our thoughts and actions to the principles learned from the devotions; and a Prayer Starter to help facilitate a regular conversation with God.

Also by Tammy Chandler


Deployed with my Mother

Memoir – Christian Life

In 1988 an Army recruiter encouraged David Weill to sign up for his local Reserve Unit. One weekend a month, two weeks in the summer, extra money now, and benefits toward college. What’s not to like?
Weill went home and talked it over with his mother. It was a short conversation.
“Hey, Mom. Do you think I should join the Army?”
But David had a money mindset and a patriotic streak. He figured he could serve his country and get paid to do it. Not only did he sign up, he talked his mother, a nurse, into signing up too.
Then Desert Storm hit the fan, and stuff began to get real.


How wonderful it is to read devotionals that point out our God working through ‘normal, everyday’ occurences; it encourages me to look for His hand in the mundane parts of my day.

– 5-Star Customer Review

Devotions from EveryDay Things Series

More Devotions

from Everyday Things

All creation proclaims the glory of God, the Psalmist declares, and author Tammy Chandler knows it to be true. God is revealed by all of His creation – even in the everyday things we encounter in our mundane, workaday lives. Tammy has discovered a wealth of spiritual truths illustrated in ordinary things, and shares them in an uncomplicated fashion to help you on your journey to find God in the world around you.

Devotions from Everyday Things: Horse & Farm Edition

These devotions are simple, straightforward, quiet times with God. Each contains a daily Scripture passage, an illustration connected with a horse, person or farm object, a Thought-provoker, and a Prayer starter.

Devotions from Everyday Jobs

God created every detail of your life, including your job. If you look at your job through the eyes of the Creator, you’re no longer simply punching the clock; you’re participating in His calling. You’re not just working; you’re fulfilling his purpose. And a job well done brings Him glory.

Devotions from Everyday Sports

For professional athletes, sports is an occupation. For most of us, sports is recreation. Either way, God created every detail of your life, including how you relax, play, compete, and re-create. In Devotions from Everyday Sports author Tammy Chandler connects spiritual truths to the world of sports, and encourages us to find the eternal along the way.