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Summer McKinney


Summer McKinney holds a Masters Degree in Teaching Secondary Education and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Summer was born and raised in Indiana, moved to Hong Kong as a short-term missionary after college, and has been back in the States for the past 14 years, working with teens and adults in various ministry positions.

It was during her years leading the high school girls ministry that she decided to pursue her counseling degree. Summer has a passion to equip, encourage, and challenge others as they journey in their relationship with each other, and most importantly with the Lord.

She resides just outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and 4 kids (two of which are young adults).

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Youth bible study

Who am I? Am I accepted? Am I worthy? Why am I even here?

This world we live in is not kind. It’s easy to lose sight of your true identity and worth. It’s easy to get lost in the hurts, the confusion, and the voices that call out to us:

You’re not lovable. You’re not worthy. You’re not wanted. No one cares for you.

But that is a lie.

 There is one who loves you; one who wants you; one who cares for you; one who has given the ultimate sacrifice to make you worthy.

 That one is the great I AM. And He alone has the answers to all your questions.


Summer’s done a terrific job articulating who God is and how we can/should relate to Him.

– 5-Star amazon Customer Review