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Steve Grossman

Steve Grossman is husband/father, businessman and encourager who is passionate about living fully alive and helping others do the same. Following a 20 year career as a Grammy award winning drummer, he joined and climbed the corporate ladder of a privately held firm in the Automotive Industry. Now well into his third career as an author, speaker and consultant, Steve encourages individuals and businesses to uncover what it is they’re meant to do and how to do that well. He currently lives in Smyrna, Tennessee with his bride of 25 years and their two children.

Steve is the author of the inspirational and motivational business book, Why I Failed In the Music Business…and How NOT To Follow in my Footsteps. You say you love the concept, but you’re not a musician? Not to worry. Steve is prepping the release of a companion book called, Why I Failed In the Creative Arts…and How NOT To Follow in my Footsteps, with the same great information, but geared toward anyone who makes their living in the arts.

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