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Sheryl Towers

Sheryl Towers is an author, speaker, workshop facilitator and life coach.  For over two decades she has inspired people to live with purpose, passion, and genuine happiness through her popular keynotes and seminars.  She is the founder of Life Enrichment Skills, a company committed to empowering organizations and individuals to achieve peak efficiency and performance, and has served as a consultant to leaders of business, government, and education in the areas of organizational excellence, performance coaching and leadership effectiveness.

Sheryl received her Master of Liberal Studies degree from Mercer University in the area of psychology. She is the author of three books, Seeds of Success:  Nurturing the Greatness within You,  Transforming Your Life:  Moving from Fear to Love, Joy, and Abundance, and most recently, Embracing a New Vision of Aging.

Sheryl is dedicated to helping people live more empowered, fulfilling, and joy-filled lives.  Visit her online at