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Sherry Ryden

Sherry Ryden is a woman on a mission. Her greatest desire is to have every single person she meets ‘know God a little better and love God even more.’

While she has no official writer training, she has a deep desire to share every message God gives her with others through her writing and teaching.

As the founder of HimPowered Living, she utilizes her 30 plus years in the corporate world to assist others to live God-honoring lives and start or run successful, God-honoring businesses. Taking their dreams, she leads them step by step, from start to finish. She also works as a consultant to many businesses to take them to even greater profit and success.

Her greatest joy is help others discover that “Prayer Is A Conversation” and wrote a small Devotional & Prayer Journal which she uses as an example of how God does indeed speak to us though many ways. This book is often given to others that attend her Prayer Retreats.