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Sara Harris


Sara Harris has authored more than fifteen books for both children and grown ups. She and her family of eight – plus their eight rescue pets – make their home in Katy, Texas where the ice cream is perfection and the ocean is close enough to visit every weekend. Sara has her BA in History and wishes that someone who majored in Engineering would hurry and invent a time machine.

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Featured Title


Katie’s Plain Regret

Amish Journeys, Book 1

Historical Fiction

“I’m Katie Knepp from Gasthof Village. I’m headed south. For Texas.”

Peter turned to face the man who still shrouded him in his massive shadow. Katie watched as the stranger on the little hill lifted his hand to his mouth and plucked a cigarette from his lips. The breeze fluttered his coat as he stood unmoving, staring at them. The pair of pistols that hung on his hips caught the sun and shone out, making Katie squint against the blinding metallic glare.

Silver devils, Katie thought. Someone once described pistols like that as silver devils. She let her gaze travel up the man and focus on his cold, staring eyes. And now I understand why.


 I love the historical accuracy and the swift pace of the story. I couldn’t believe I read it in one sitting. Looking forward to the next one already.

– 5-Star Customer Review

Also by Sara Harris

House of Madness

a ghost story

Tim and Adelaide Smithfield are haunted by memories of loss too raw to forget and too painful to remember. Their 11-year-old daughter, Michaela, has her own set of sensory processing challenges, not to mention an overwhelming sense of guilt that she might be at the root of her parents’ problems. The sprawling ranch house on the outskirts of the quaint West Texas town of Big Spring promises a fresh start for a young family on the verge of collapse.

But the house is haunted by memories of its own… and a guilt that West Texas’ famed thunderstorms can’t wash away.