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We Tell Stories

Rule 14 Pictures

Rule 14 Pictures is a small, fiercely independent motion picture production company. We partner with like-minded artists, entrepreneurs, writers and actors to produce films that encourage, uplift and inspire the human spirit.

Above all…We Tell Stories!

The Trouble With Rain

Miller (Erik Nelson) just missed his train to Chattanooga. While waiting on the next train he meets three strangers – Eric (Adam Sanner), Constance (Valerie Jane Parker), and Violet (Inge Eiss. Will these four young professionals become friends, lovers; or will they simply go their separate ways and never see each other again? Like Schrodinger’s Cat, all of the possible outcomes of this chance encounter are equally real, but only one will come to pass. Or will it?


Meet the cast of The Trouble With Rain.


the wages of sin is death

 based on the terrifying novel by Michael Potts
coming, fall 2020