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Romance author KL Collins is celebrating today’s re-release of her novel, Pipe Dream. Originally self-published, Pipe Dream was acquired by independent publisher, WordCrafts Press, and released to retail today, Wednesday, February 14, 2018, with a new cover design and fresh editorial eye.

Set in 1995, Annie Blackwell works at a small-town bar to earn money for college. She lives a free, happy, normal life, surrounded by a few friends who she considers her closest family, and enjoys the simple pleasures a small town offers.

Then she meets James, who is in town for a short time working on the new pipeline. Ruggedly handsome with red hair and blue eyes, Annie knows he’s just passing through. She knows she shouldn’t fall in love with someone who won’t stick around. She knows a million reasons why she should just walk away.

But the heart rarely listens to reason. Annie fell; and she fell hard. When James had to leave, Annie was left with more than just a broken heart.

Will fate offer Annie a second chance at love? Or is that just a Pipe Dream?