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Robert Fugate


Robert Fugate is a finance executive and has worked in the communications business for most of his career. A self-taught artist, he specializes in watercolor landscapes. These are his first book illustrations.
He and his wife Lucy live in Atlanta, Georgia, with Flora, a cairn terrier, and Felix, a rescue Lab.
Visit his art website at:

Featured Title


Bedtime with Buster

Conversations with a handsome hound

Do you channel your dog?

That is, do you speak to your dog and then respond as your dog? In Bedtime with Buster, author Brooks Eason does. And does he ever!

In this hilarious, insightful new book, the author and his handsome hound Buster debate a number of existential questions for dogs: Why don’t they live as long as people do? Why don’t they have thumbs? Why can’t mixed-breed dogs compete for Best in Show at Westminster? And what did a hound dog ever do to Elvis?

Also by Robert Fugate

Bedtime with Buster

Children’s Edition

Buster’s wit and wisdom, specially edited to share with the little ones. It makes for a great family bedtime tradition.