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Rachel Lulich


Rachel Lulich is a writer, freelance editor, and Air Force veteran. She has a Master’s Degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University, and is the founder of Broken Top Editing. Lulich has written short pieces for Clarinet News magazine, Short and Sweet: A Different BeatThe Upper Room, and GateWorld, and has edited several award-winning books. In 2019, she independently published her first science fiction novel, Random Walk, and in 2020 she signed with WordCrafts Press to publish her debut stage play. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Lulich now makes her home in Indiana, where she lives with her many books.

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Featured Title


The Confessing Church

a play in two act

Two strangers – both retired – get off on the wrong foot over a favorite table at the cafe.

Joe celebrates his first day of retirement by stopping into the cafe for a cup of coffee and the newspaper. He doesn’t realized that he has chosen the seat and the newspaper of longtime regular, Eddie, who is a creature of habit. Marlene, the cafe’s matriarchal waitress diligently tries to talk Joe into moving just as Eddie shows up and makes a scene. Joe bites his tongue on Marlene’s account and moves to the other table, leaving Eddie to read his beloved obituaries. 

From this awkward beginning, an unlikely friendship develops.


ANJA: God could’ve changed my fate if he wanted.  He still might.

HELENE: What if he doesn’t?

(A pause.)

ANJA: Then I’ll die.

– The Confessing Church