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Rachel Lulich


Rachel Lulich is a writer, freelance editor, and Air Force veteran. She has a Master’s Degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University, and is the founder of Broken Top Editing. Lulich has written short pieces for Clarinet News magazine, Short and Sweet: A Different BeatThe Upper Room, and GateWorld, and has edited several award-winning books. In 2019, she independently published her first science fiction novel, Random Walk, and in 2020 she signed with WordCrafts Press to publish her debut stage play. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Lulich now makes her home in Indiana, where she lives with her many books.

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Featured Title


The Confessing Church

a play in two act

In 1930s Germany a young woman, Anja Richter, struggles to navigate the rapidly changing world around her. Although her friends and mother become enamored with the pro-Nazi German Christian Faith Movement, Anja aligns herself with the anti-Nazi Confessing Church.

But the price of resistance is high. Can Anja face the consequences of her convictions, or will she drown in the overwhelming sea of Nazi sentiment?


ANJA: God could’ve changed my fate if he wanted.  He still might.

HELENE: What if he doesn’t?

(A pause.)

ANJA: Then I’ll die.

– The Confessing Church