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Worship ministries pastor, composer, contemporary psalmist and author Wayne Berry is pleased to announce the release of his debut book, PONDERING(S), which impacted retail today, Tuesday, November 29, 2016, from WordCrafts Press. Designed as a handbook of sorts for Christ-followers to use as a guide on each individual’s journey toward Zion, Berry says the book is not about the nature of pondering, per se. Instead it is deeply focused ponderings on four intensely important topics that impact the common journey of all Believers: ConsecrationWorshipPresenceand Discipleship.

“Some say the organized church in America is in decline,” Berry explains. “But the Kingdom of God is exploding on the continent of Africa and across nations all over the earth. The Holy Spirit is drawing millions into redemption, belief in Christ Jesus is increasing at a steady and rapid rate, and the call for discipleship is dynamic and ongoing. Coming to terms with that reality could create the greatest display of Presence, Power, and Proclamation of the Kingdom of God that humankind has ever known.”

“Through our ongoing acts of consecration, worship, and the empowerment of the abiding Presence of God’s Holy Spirit, we are called to make disciples in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth,” he continues. “The only real question is: Will you answer the call?”

PONDERING(S) is already gaining traction with readers. The Kindle version of PONDERING(S), debuted at #12 on’s “Hot New Releases – Christian Discipleship eBooks” chart while the paperback version debuted at #55 on the “Hot New Releases – Christian Discipleship Books” chart.