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Performance Rights Request

All WordCrafts Theatrical Press plays are protected by copyright laws and conventions. Any performance or public reading of any such play or excerpt, without the prior consent of WordCrafts Theatrical Press, is a violation of those laws and conventions. It is also a violation of copyright law to copy part or all of a play by any means, including mechanical, photocopying, videotaping, scanning, web posting or other digital media formats.

All WordCrafts Theatrical Press plays must be presented as they appear in published form and the author’s intent will be respected in production. No changes, deletions or additions in the text, title or gender of the characters shall be made for the purpose of production without the express written consent of the playwright. This includes changes or updating the time and place/setting of the play.

To request rights to perform a play published by WordCrafts Theatrical Press, please complete the form below.

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