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Pauline Hawkins


Pauline Hawkins is a writer, teacher, and storyteller. Her first book Uncommon Core: 25 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in a Cookie Cutter Educational System (2015) shares edifying lessons from her classroom for parents, teachers, and students. For I Am Yours is a story birthed from her daughter’s love for her blankie, but ultimately illustrates a mother’s love for her child.

In addition, Pauline teaches writing at Great Bay Community College and is a copywriter for HotDiggity Creative. Pauline also hosts the weekly podcast All In with Pauline Hawkins where she interviews people who are going “all in” to pursue their goals.

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For I Am Yours

Children’s Picture Book

A baby blanket anticipates the arrival of a new baby girl. As they grow older together, they both learn the value of a secure friendship.


Hawkins forcefully connects with the reader—as she did her students — by laying herself bare, showing her vulnerability, honestly recounting her experiences, good or bad, and imparting what she has learned in the process.

– 5-Star Customer Review of
Uncommon Core

Also by Pauline Hawkins


25 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed In a Cookie Cutter Educational System

From her perspective as both a teacher and a parent, education reformer Pauline Hawkins offers 25 ways that parents can help their children succeed in an educational system that too often confused equality with sameness, and refuses to acknowledge the fundamental differences in individual learning and teaching styles.

“Students never have and never will fit into a standardized box,” Hawkins insists.