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Last year, novelist J.E. Lowder (War of Whispers) joined 550 cyclists from across the U.S. to bike the JDRF Nashville Ride To Cure Diabetes. Here’s the link to Mr. Lowder’s ‘thank you’ video:

“Because of You”

J.E. Lowder crossing the finish line,

J.E. Lowder crossing the finish line,

“The 2013 event really impacted me,” Lowder said. “I not only learned I was misinformed about Type 1 Diabetes, but cycled with those with T1D who constantly monitored their sugar levels…and did so without complaining!”

On November 1st, Lowder is once again riding to raise financial support and awareness for this horrible disease.

“I know the ride is still a ways off, but I hope you’ll take the time now to consider making a donation. Simply click Jay Lowder donation and then enter my name, click “search”, and it will pull up my event:

JDRF 2014 Nashville Ride to Cure Diabetes
October 30, 2014

Together, let’s find a cure!”