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Monica Cane


Monica Cane is a freelance writer from Northern California with numerous published articles appearing in magazines nationwide. She is also the author of A Journey to Healing: Life after SIDS and is a contributing author to the Cup of Comfort series by Adams Media.

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Scrambled Hormones

Christian Devotional

Keep praying. Keep believing.

The bond between mothers and daughters has long proved to be amazingly resilient. Yet during those trying, turbulent and even destructive hormonally-charged teenage years, that bond can take a beating. Loving moms can come unglued and all but lose their sanity when scrambled hormones turn their sweet, little girl into a cyclone of emotions.

 When hormones are raging, emotional battles of will can pit mothers against daughters, sometimes escalating into shouting matches that end with daughters stomping off in anger and moms in tears, overwhelmed and in desperate need of encouragement.

 Scramble Hormones: 60 Days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teenage Daughters shares brief devotions from one mom to another – a mom who has been there, done that and survived by learning to lean on God for strength.


Perfect for mothers with or without children. Great devotions and personal life experience testimonies! 

– 5-Star amazon Customer Review