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Michelle A. Sullivan


 Michelle A. Sullivan was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida and is a voracious reader with a three book a week habit turned author. She brings a lifetime of dwelling in the fantasy worlds she so loves, together with a vivid and clear vision of a world where ARC is humanity’s only hope. She is bound by a passion for the subjects that the ARC series addresses and her characters are relatable, fun, and flawed, just like their creator. Unlike her characters, Michelle is deathly afraid of spiders and being bored. She and her spider-killer/ editor husband share their home with various adult children and three equally-scared pooches. ARC Book 1: A Pale Horse is her debut novel. For all things ARC, check out

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A Pale Horse

supernatural thriller

The Watchers were tasked with protecting humankind. Instead, they lusted after them; lusted after their beauty, their creativity, their innocence. Some even took human women as their mates, but the children produced from this unholy union were unnatural, corrupt, wicked beyond redemption.

They were The Nephilim.

Mythology is True.

Magic is Real.

And every nightmare you ever imagined walks the earth.