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Michael Hendrickson


Michael Hendrickson has been creating imaginative children’s stories for over two decades. He is active in his church and is in love with his wonderful wife Maria. He has three grown sons and two daughters.

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the Fruitees have some Family Fun

children’s picture book

Play & Imagination

The Fruitee family loves to have fun together. When they have the opportunity to appear as contestants on America’s favorite television game show, “Family Fun,” they truly discover that the Family that Plays Together… Stays Together!


Kids absolutely loved this book! They giggled the whole way through. Great illustrations to go along with the story!

– 5-Star Customer Review of
Dingle the Flatulent Reindeer

Also by Michael Hendrickson


The Flatulent Reindeer

This story is about Dingleberry Deer. Everyone calls him Dingle for short. Dingle has long desired to serve with the First Team, pulling Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. There’s just one problem. When Dingle gets nervous, his tummy gets upset, and he produces a prodigious amount of flatulence, making him…well…a little hard to be around.