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Mario Villella


Mario Villella grew up in Ocala, Florida. He spent his early adult years as a youth minister in Rockwall, Texas, and Leesburg, Florida. A graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in arts and performance, Mario has been involved in educational and community theater, teaching acting to students, and performing in plays like The Comedy of Errors, The Sound of Music, Oliver!, and Beauty and the Beast.

In 2011, he moved back to Ocala and started Good News Church with his wife, Heidi. They have three children and 24 chickens. He has written two other books titled, Working Our Way Through Life and It Takes Two to Tangle. Many (but not all) of the things that happen to the characters in this book, happened to him.

Mario’s sermons can be viewed at Good News Church Ocala on YouTube

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Road Trip

Christian Fiction – Contemporary

Ah, Spring Break! That annual rite of passage when thousands of winter-weary college students flock to Florida’s renowned beaches for two weeks of sun, sand, surf, and suds, and perhaps a bit of shenanigans. There’s Panama City Beach, the Spring Break Capital of the World. Further south there is Miami, with its glitz and glamor and shopping. Or South Beach, where the party never ends.

But for three poor college students who actually live in Florida, the idea of ditching the state altogether and heading west for an epic road trip is too enthralling to pass up.

Charlie, Jamal, and Sean have it all figured out. If they take one car, scrimp on meals, and take advantage of relatives along the road, they can make it to San Diego, California and back home to Gainesville, Florida in two weeks on $300 each.

3 friends.
$300 Each.
3,000 Miles.
1 Car.

What could possibly go wrong?