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Pulitzer Prize nominee Marian Rizzo has written four contemporary novels and two biblical era novels. She’s been a journalist for twenty-five years with the Ocala Star-Banner Newspaper, part of the Gatehouse Media Group. Now retired, Marian has continued to work with the Star-Banner as a correspondent. She’s won numerous awards in journalism, including the New York Times Chairman’s Award and first place in the annual Amy Foundation Writing Awards.

Marian lives in Ocala, Florida, with her daughter Vicki who has Down Syndrome. Her other daughter, Joanna, is the mother of three children. Grandparenting has added another element of joy to Marian’s busy schedule, which includes workouts five times a week, lots of reading, and lunches with the girls.

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Featured Title

In Search of

the Beloved

 Christian Romance

Jason got there first. You know how he works. He has the county officials in his back pocket. Nobody else could have gotten into the door that day. Nobody.

Julie’s excuse sounded hollow, even to her own ears. She had failed. She knew she had failed. She took a deep breath, folded her hands on her lap, and waited for Andy to finish his phone call, feeling very much like a schoolgirl called to the principal’s office.

But when Andy turned to face her, there was no fire in his eyes; no caustic edge to his voice. Instead the seasoned newspaper editor simply acknowledged that she had gotten scooped. By a TV reporter. Not the end of the world… but next time might be, at least as far as her employment at the Springfield Daily Press was concerned.

“You can redeem yourself on your next assignment,” he said, the steel in his voice offsetting the smile on his face. “It’s a simple assignment, really, with some long distance travel involved. You’ll fly to Ephesus and spend a couple of days doing on-site research, then you’ll head to the Isle of Patmos.”

Patmos? Julie bit her lower lip, the sinking feeling that she was being set up to fail tied her stomach in a knot.

“The island where the Apostle John was supposed to have been exiled? Why?”

“There have been reports from credible witnesses that John might still be there,” Andy replied. “Waiting for Jesus to return. I want you to find him.”


Marian Rizzo is a gifted storyteller, whether it be for news reporting or fiction. She has a keen eye and ear from the intricacies of a story, which translates into very powerful narratives. Marian can turn the mundane into the magnificent through the masterful weaving of character, context, and scene-setting.

– Susan Smiley-Height, Long-time News editor

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Angela’s Treasures

Dorothy glides past me with an armload of my stuff. She doesn’t pause to ask my opinion, just tosses my personal things into whatever box fits her whim. Or she feeds my precious treasures into the trashcan. Then she moves on as if I’m not even here. As each item leaves my daughter’s hand, I travel back to another time and place.