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WordCrafts Press is pleased to announce the release its first children’s picture book. The whimsical Man in the Moon, written by Kelly Young-Silverman and delightfully illustrated by Erin Wicker (known professionally as erin the great), is available now in hardback, trade paperback and all major ebook formats.

MITM front Cover Lo-RezMan in the Moon is a sweet rhyming tale that follows a little girl on a magical journey as she learns that any acquaintance can easily become a friend, and no matter how small you may feel (especially compared to the great big moon) you are special to someone,” says author Kelly Young-Silverman.

This rhyming picture book, written in just 267 words, is illustrated with soft, watercolor original paintings by erin the great. Erin’s illustrations vividly bring the story to life, allowing children the delight of discovering new objects and characters in the multi-layered pictures. Man in the Moon, which is releasing just in time for the Christmas gift giving season, is the first of a series of night time books by Young-Silverman and Wicker.

“Contrary to popular belief, children’s picture books is one of the most difficult genres to work in,” confesses WordCrafts Press publisher, Mike Parker. “The ability to use a limited number of words to tell a complete tale that will capture the attention and imagination of a young child is an extraordinary gift. Finding an artist who can capture that story with just the right balance of wit and whimsy is equally rare. The team of Kelly Young-Silverman and Erin Wicker simply knocks it out of the park. WordCrafts Press is thrilled to have them on board as our first children’s picture book authors.”

The hardback version retails for $17.99 while the trade paperback format retails for $10.99. Man in the Moon is also available in a variety of eBook formats, including .mobi for Kindle and .epub for most other ereaders, such as the Nook, iPad and Kobo readers at a retail price of $5.99.