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Maggie’s Song, Volume 1 of the Full Circle Saga, by recording artist and radio personality Marcia Ware released today, July 28, 2015, from WordCrafts Press. Ware’s highly anticipated debut novel is now available in trade paperback and all major eBook formats, and is at all major online bookstores. It is available from brick ‘n’ mortar retail book stores through Ingram Content Group, the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital content.

The novel’s protagonist, Maggie West, is a single, 30-something, curvy African-American woman who makes her living as a songwriter/backup singer in the unlikely world of Country music. Ware classifies the novel as a ‘clean, contemporary romance.’

Maggie’s Song is a contemporary romance written from the perspective of a woman who has lived her life outside of the safe confines of her childhood home,” Ware explains. “Maggie has been on the road as a backup singer for a country star. She has been in compromising situations. She’s seen life as it is and she has made her share of mistakes. I think it is an authentic story about a Christian woman who has real world experiences outside of the church.

“I wanted to make the story edgy, but to keep it clean,” she adds. “I think there is a way to express romantic love that doesn’t involve taking all your clothes off and climbing into bed or using certain language. There are people who actually live their lives that way. It is not a foreign concept. It is not a galaxy far, far away.”

“When I first started writing the book, it was more of a lark,” Ware muses. “But over the course of time, it went from being an artistic outlet to something very personal. These characters became almost real to me. It has been an amazing journey. It will be exciting, and a bit unnerving, to introduce these characters to readers.”