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Lyn Vandebrake


Lyn Vandebrake is an award-winning published writer and photographer whose work has appeared in such national publications as Focus on the Family, Homelife, Baptist Press, Living the Country Life, Mountain Living, Positive Living, Alive, Resource and others. She frequently teaches at writer’s workshops, speaks at conferences, and hosts special event writers’/artists’ retreats.

Lyn previously served as a missionary on the Navajo reservation in Tse Bonita, New Mexico and Goat Springs, Arizona, where her horse Sparky was a vital source of transportation.  Sparky, now in his 30s and retired, resides with Lyn on her farm in Iowa, where she writes from a one-room Amish-built log cabin while co-habitating with Mother Nature. Visit Lyn online at

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the Escape Place

healthy living

Want to escape?

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a little me-time away from the hustle bustle demands of everyday life, the Escape Place is the book for you. Author Lyn Vandebrake shares her personal story of acquiring an escape place of her own, an Amish-built one-room log cabin, then interviews over a dozen women just like you who created a get-away space for themselves.

From broom closets to chicken coops, grain bins to tree houses, tiny houses, glamper campers, kitchen pantries, front porch renovations and laundry room make-overs, it’s all here. the Escape Place shows you how to create sacred personal space with whatever resources are available.

the Escape Place can rejuvenate your inner soul.


An idea flutters and flies, hovers and hums around like a honeybee, then lands lightly in my brain wave activity compartment by its own free will. It takes tight hold, in a grip, instantly becoming a different entity, bouncing around like a wild uninhibited chimpanzee while I, all the while, am typing like crazy, trying to hang on for dear life, to get it captured on the page.

– Lyn Vandebrake