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Lindsey Lamar


Lindsey Lamar is a twenty-three year old thriller writer from Austin, Texas. She prides herself on conflicted narrators and unapologetic twists. Being an automation consultant by day, a writer by night, and a dog mom around the clock to her beagle mix – you’d assume she could juggle. (She can’t.)

Lindsey is passionate about lifelong learning and marks Better Off Guilty as her first of many in the fiction space. She is also the author of unpublished fiction work, Khiana. With literature being her first love, her readers roll in at a close second.

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Featured Title


Better Off Guilty



Abril Hart wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life with her family in Chicago. Unfortunately, Abril’s father’s family business gives her no room to do so. As a career arsonist, Abril decides she may never win her peace. Abril has no choice, but to lead the double life she’s afraid of in order to provide for her family.

Max Adara returns to the private investigation force after losing years to a tragedy with domino-effect consequence and memories of abandonment. Max’s only chance to keep her fractured family afloat is to solve her cousin’s arson-murder case.

But as strange accidents start befalling the investigation, Max senses that she might have been cast a character in an insidious plot that puts her life in danger. To solve the case ahead of her, Max must fight to distinguish between reality and hoax, knowing that if she can’t, someone else will die too.


It was the high contrast of the two magics—like blending both types of time into a fine strawberry puree that was thick with sweetness over your tongue. Take a sip. That is what it feels to bury someone alive.

– from Better off Guilty