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Leslie Conner


Leslie Conner says she became a writer because, honestly, she couldn’t do anything else. She tried her hand at many different careers–starting a pet sitting business, being an English professor, and in her younger days, bartending. “Even if my career path seems schizophrenic, at least my life isn’t boring,” she quips. The one thing that has remained a constant in her life is her interest in telling stories. A self-professed lover of “all things macabre,” she turned her attention to writing murder mysteries. And with her affinity for the supernatural, she couldn’t help throwing in a monster or two.

Her short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, and you can find her flash fiction story “Murder 101” in The Bookends Review.

Devil’s Charm is her first novel.

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Detective Lexie Garner had never seen a murder like this. Officer Ben McCormick lies dead in the street, his insides cooked, but not a mark on him. She has to find who killed him… and how.
Lexie and her partner, Colin Jacobs, are led to McCormick’s cold case, the murder of a notorious drug kingpin. It seems all of the suspects – the ice queen widow, the jilted accountant, and even McCormick’s wife – have good reasons to want the case to stay closed. But the evidence found at the scene–strange DNA and a mysterious necklace–forces Lexie to abandon logic and accept the only other explanation. The suspect that they are looking for may not be human.
When Jacobs becomes the target, she has to either go with her gut at the risk of losing her career or follow procedure and risk losing Jacobs.


 A well written detective novel with a supernatural twist, like nothing I’ve read before. I highly recommend it.

– 5-Star Customer Review