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Author Leslie Conner is pleased to announce the release of her heart-pounding new novel, Devil’s Charm. The can’t-put-it-down thriller released today, Wednesday, May 9, 2018 in hardback, trade paperback and all major ebook formats from WordCrafts Press.

Detective Lexie Garner has never investigated a murder like this. McCormick lay dead in the street, his insides cooked, but not a mark on him. She has two goals: to find who killed him… and how.

But this is no ordinary case. None of the clues make sense. And the strange evidence at the scene – unknown DNA and a mysterious necklace – compels Lexie to abandon traditional police procedures and explore the only other possible explanation. The suspect that they are looking for may not be human. But if it’s not human… then what is it?

Fully fleshed-out characters, a plot that slithers like a snake in a drain pipe, a touch of romance, and a strong female protagonist who plays by the book, but is not afraid to bend the rules when necessary, combine for a satisfying thrill ride that will keep the pages turning. Devil’s Charm released May 9, 2018 from WordCrafts Press in hardback for $29.99, in trade paperback for $17.99 and in all major eBook versions for $4.99.

Leslie Conner obtained her Master’s degree in English Literature from Southern Illinois University. She resides in Illinois with her dog, Coraline.

Her short stories have been published in literary journals and anthologies. Devil’s Charm, her latest novel, introduces a major new player, Detective Lexie Garner, to the genre of supernatural thrillers.

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