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Laura Mansfield


Laura Mansfield grew up in Knoxville, Tenn., surrounded by cats, books and good conversation. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and later an MBA in finance. Formerly a professor of advertising and public relations at UT, Laura has a flair for storytelling which informs her work in public relations.

She’s also a certified yoga instructor and passionate yoga practitioner. Laura has one son, one dog and a cat named Karma.

Laura writes from her home in East Tennessee.

Featured Title


A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing

Literary Fiction

The porch swing spoke to Alice.
Come sit and rock and read and relax. Watch the waves. Let the sounds of the sea hypnotize you and lull you into contentment, it whispered.
Could it really be that simple? Alice wondered.
Alice had led an eventful, if not an extraordinary, life. She was recovering from a disastrous second marriage, had been shaken to her core, had caved in on herself and crawled back out again. She had raised a son and watched him fly from the nest. She had cared for her aging parents and dutifully ushered them to the Pearly Gates, all while working at a series of demanding executive jobs.
Now, she wondered, is it, in fact, my turn? Even the thought felt naughty and selfish.
Alice’s reverie was interrupted by a still, small voice that said, “Hello.”
A little girl sat at her breakfast table; coltish brown legs dangling not quite to the floor, dirty bare feet swinging back and forth, a bracelet of seaweed woven around one delicate ankle. Alice thought the child could be no more than six or seven. She looked at once tiny and fragile and fierce and confident. Her hair was wild, wavy, windblown—the color of dune grass bleached by the sun and impossibly tangled in places. And there was something in her eyes, those exotic eyes, that made her seem an old soul, wise beyond her years. They seemed to shift sea green to dark navy to the softest shades of blue, the very color of the porch swing and the beach sky.
She had ocean eyes.


I love this book like I love ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ ‘Breaking Night,’ and ‘A Girl Named Zippy.’ I feel like a better, more understanding person for having read it.

– 5-Star Customer Review of Geezer Stories

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The Narcissist’s Wife

Mike Pazzo was my husband.

He was also a narcissist.

Every conversation with Mike was a fight. I couldn’t hold my own, much less win those fights. Why did every conversation have to be won or lost? Damn, it was exhausting. He beat me down with his barrage of caustic words and his superior argumentative techniques. And he loved it.

Geezer Stories

the care and feeding of old people

Geezer Stories is about finding the happy in the heartache. It’s about forgiveness, letting go of the past, loving imperfectly. It’s about accepting our parents’ failings as well as our own. It’s about finding that intangible sense of community and support we all need as we face this uncharted journey of parenting our parents together with compassion and shared understanding.