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KL Collins


KL Collins calls herself the working mother’s author.  Even though she hasn’t (yet) written a book on how to be a better mom or how to incorporate your personal life into your long work day; she did follow her dream and write a novel.  She hopes to inspire other working moms to write, or follow their dreams wherever they lead, and not give up.

One thing that sets Collins apart from other authors is her propensity to write with ‘break‘ chapters in mind – chapters short enough to take a bathroom break, commercial break, or smoke break away from life, each averaging 2 to 3 pages. She wants to bring back reading to busy people’s lives; to show busy people that you can, in fact, enjoy a book and take the time for yourself; and to do so with the limited and precious spare time you have.

Born and raised in a quiet Amish-surrounded community in Pennsylvania, she now resides in Tennessee with her family. In addition to being employed full time in a corporate real estate position, KL Collins remains passionate about her church and her writing. She jokes that her mind never shuts off. Even in the most inopportune time she’s jotting down ideas for the next manuscript. Don’t tell her boss!

Featured Title


Pipe Dream


1995. Annie Blackwell works at a small-town bar to earn money for college. She lives a free, happy, normal life, surrounded by friends who are more like family, and enjoys the simple pleasures a small town offers. Then she meets James, who is in town for a few months working on the new pipeline.

Ruggedly handsome with red hair and blue eyes, Annie knows he’s just passing through. She knows she shouldn’t fall in love with someone who won’t stick around. She knows a million reasons she should just walk away.

But the heart rarely listens to reason. Annie fell; and she fell hard.

James left a few months later, leaving her with more than a broken heart.

Will fate offer Annie a second chance at love? Or is that just a Pipe Dream?


Smart and genuine character development as well as subtle clever humor woven throughout.

– 5-Star amazon Customer Review