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Kira Marie McCullough


Kira Marie McCullough is an award-winning author, debuting her first book, King of the Lake and Other Short Stories, with Wordcrafts Press.  Kira Marie McCullough’s short stories have earned awards and applause. “Buffet to Die For,” became a finalist in the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival Contest, 2020. “Her Best Kiss” was performed before a live audience in New York City as part of Liar’s League NYC’s “Short & Sweet Flash Fiction” event in 2019. In 2014 she received the “Creative Writing Award for Fiction” from Texas A&M University-Central Texas.

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King of the Lake

Short Story Anthology

The King of the Lake and Other Stories will tug you to read them over and over, not just because of Kira Marie McCullough’s wonderfully descriptive and talented writing style, but because these timeless stories are about the stuff of life and relationships; heartfelt tales where  fathers and daughters can become kings and princesses.  Jim Sano, Award-Winning Author of the Father Tom Series


Through elegant use language, beautiful description, fully fleshed characters, and story lines that encompass heartache, loss, restoration, forgiveness, and at times quirky humor, Kira Marie McCullough’s anthology, King of the Lake and Other Stories weaves a rich tapestry of story, harkening back to the literary classics of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, the speculative fiction of Rod Serling, and the poignant Southern storytelling of Charles Martin.

– Paula k. Parker

Award-winning author of the Sisters of Lazarus trilogy