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Katherine Kerestman


Katherine Kerestman holds a B.A. degree from John Carroll University and a Master of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University. She loves to travel, especially to destinations with literary and macabre associations, including Transylvania, Whitby, Salem, and Stonehenge. She has joined her literary, historical and macabre proclivities together into her first non-fiction title, Creepy Cat’s Macabre Travels.

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Creepy Cat’s

Macabre Travels


Crumbling Castles
Ghoulish Graveyards
Cobwebbed Cathedrals
The Creepy, the Macabre, the Weird, the Wonderful

Chilling tales of haunting, surreal, and inhuman entities that frighten us have been told by people of all times, and every place. It is the angst and insecurity which come with being human that these horror stories express. It turns out that, in the process of describing these forces and creatures (that which we are not), we are defining by negation our own humanity (that which we are).

The struggle to understand our nature and our relation to-well, to everything else-is the lot of humans everywhere. All of us share in this struggle to find meaning in a mysterious, indifferent universe. As Creepy Cat travels, albeit usually purely for pleasure, as a humanist she cannot help putting two and two together and realizing that our common fears, aversions, and yearnings can sometimes unite people-and can also drive them into opposing camps. These are the mysteries told by the story-weavers of macabre tales.

Creepy Cat invites you to come along for the journey.


“Kerestman takes the reader gently by the hand and leads them on a tour through a world of monstrous Belgian paintings, haunted opera houses, and Lovecraftian seaports. Rather than simply reporting on all of these fascinating places, Kerestman uses these travels as an entryway into a series of meditations on how disquieting histories can leave their mark on specific places, and what it means for us to live in a haunted world. Readers will enjoy the tales of well-known destinations, such as Salem and the Tower of London, but might find themselves even more enticed by the dark corners that Kerestman finds off the beaten path. These are journeys well worth taking.” 

– ~Brandon R. Grafius

author of The Witch (Devil’s Advocates) and Reading the Bible with Horror