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Author, Bible teacher and Speech-Language Pathologist Rodney Boyd (M.Ed, CCC-SLP) is thrilled to unveil his latest book, Chewing the Daily Cud, Volume 2, which released this week from WordCrafts Press. The new book features 91 Daily Ruminations on the Word of God, and is the second in Boyd’s planned four-volume collection of daily devotionals. Once completed, the set will contain an entire year’s worth of pithy ruminations designed to enhance your morning devotion time and draw you closer to God.

Boyd’s twin callings as both a Speech Pathologist and a Bible teacher have given him a unique perspective on the wonderful correlation between the natural aspects of hearing and speaking, and the spiritual aspects of hearing and speaking the Word of God.

“I kept seeing the divine connection between the Creator and His human creation,” Boyd muses. “As a speech-language pathologist, I realize that we were created for the purpose of communicating with each other, and as a follower of Jesus Christ I believe we were also created to communicate with our Creator. Ultimately, I want people to see that we are not just cosmic accidents, but that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It is my hope that the devotions presented in Chewing the Daily Cud will help readers focus on the Word of God, and that it will become part of the process of renewing their minds by keeping it on the Spirit, where there is life and peace, and off of the flesh, where there is death.”

Chewing the Daily Cud, Volume 2, Boyd’s fifth book, is already generating a buzz in the market place. It debuted at #8 on’s Hot New Releases Chart in the Spiritual Devotions category. It also impacted the online retailer’s Hot New Releases charts in the Christian Devotions category (#37) and the Christian Worship and Liturgy category (#46). It follows on the heels of his #1 bestselling release, Pro-Verb Ponderings: 31 Ruminations on Positive Action, which topped the online behemoth’s prestigious Hot New Releases chart in the Old Testament Meditations category, and also debuted at #11 on both the Top 100 Christian Old Testament Meditations and Top 100 Judaism Hebrew Bible Meditations categories.