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Joey Monteleone


Joeyy Monteleone is a multimedia communicator having been involved for decades in TV, radio, magazines, and seminar speaking. A 2017 Legends of the Outdoors inductees, he’s boated more than 48,000 bass with 1,500 weighing in at over five pounds. He is a seasoned fishing guide and a third-degree karate black belt (and three-time Eastern USA fighting champion) and has caught fish all over North America.

Well versed in catching almost every species of freshwater fish from every type of watercraft, Joey has cracked the code for catching trophy fish from any kind of waters. His more than 60 years’ experience on the water has instilled a deep reverence for the resource and a burning joy for introducing new anglers to the sport he loves. 

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60 Seasons

Outdoor Sports

According to a recent national survey by various federal agencies, fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports in America, with more than 36 million people older than 16 spending $43 billion on equipment and travel in pursuit of that trophy wallhanger. And the fish most often cited as the target for these eager anglers? The Bass!
“It’s easy to catch fish,” says legendary bassmaster Joey Monteleone. “The hard part is finding them!”
After 60 seasons of chasing trophy size bass, Joey knows how to find and catch these crafty creatures. And he reveals his secrets for hooking a brag-worthy bass in the pages of: 60 SEASONS: a fishing guide.


…a very entertaining autobiography of a kind, generous, passionate, and patriotic man who discovered fishing as a young boy and then went with the flow.

– 5-Star amazon Customer Review of

I’ll Be Tennessean Ya by Joey Monteleone