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Joanne Brokaw


Improvisor, author, actor, and award-winning writer Joanne Brokaw performs regularly at The Focus Theater as part of the house team The Urge. She is also a member of the comedy trio Easily Amused and the improv duo A Happy Accident.

Joanne lives in Rochester, New York, where she writes, performs, and leads improv workshops to help people push past fear, embrace creativity, and learn to play again.
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Featured Title


Suddenly Stardust

a memoir (of sorts) about fear, freedom & improv

This is not a book about improv. This is not a book about the history of improv or improv theory or a biography of great improvisors or even a manual on how to play improv games. This is not a how-to manual for overcoming anxiety/ depression/addiction to Pinterest/ Netflix/refined sugar. This is not a book about how to write a book about improv or comedy or walking your dog.

This book is a simple little collection of things author Joanne Brokaw learned while doing improv, things that opened her eyes to the wonder and adventure she’d been missing for most of her life, and some of the lessons she learned that helped make her a better human..


A fascinating memoir that recounts the transformation from beginner to capable improviser and the emotional growing pains that come with that metamorphosis. Suddenly Stardust is essential reading and earns its place on my bookshelf right between Truth in Comedy and the UCB Mannual.” 

– Austin Scott

House Improv Theatre

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Life is messy business, and that’s just fine with humor columnist Joanne Brokaw. For almost a decade, she’s been musing on life’s ups, downs and inbetweens, taking readers on a journey filled with laughter, dog hair and even a few tears.