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Jennifer Odom


Jennifer Odom,  2003 Teacher of the Year,  is  a 40-year veteran teacher of elementary education. She has taught kindergarten through fifth grades in all subjects. For the last ten years she has incorporated video-production for her magnet school students at Dr. N.H. Jones Elementary, leading them to win many local, state and international  video awards, as well as those in  writing, and technology.

Named Florida Christian Writers Conference’s  Writer of the Year for 2015, Jennifer writes human interest stories for her local newspaper, The Ocala Star Banner, and has also been published in Splickety and Clubhouse Jr. Magazines,  as well as her church blog.

Her Award-winning Young Adult novel, Summer on the Black Suwannee is the first in a trilogy.

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Featured Title


Girl with a Black Soul

A Novel of Suspense

YA supernatural Fiction

When teenager Chad Montgomery is targeted by a bully after his father’s death, he takes the wrong fork in the road—a trap set by the evil one—to destroy the very talents that define him.
When his beautiful new girlfriend offers him a place to crash in her uncles run-down abandoned gas station, he leaves home to “get his head on straight.” But he soon learns that deprivation, encounters with murderous bikers, and scrapes with the law is a slippery slope that only leads from bad to worse.


Skillfully written suspense. I couldn’t put this book down.

5-Star Amazon Customer Review
Summer on the Black Suwannee

Also by Jennifer Odom

Summer on the Black Suwannee

a novel of suspense

When 15-year-old Emily is nearly raped by her stepfather, her distraught but well-meaning mother Charlene arranges for them to spend the summer at Earth Mother Acres, a special, secluded, faith-based retreat for troubled girls nestled along the bucolic banks of the Black Suwannee River.

But Emily and Charlene soon learn that Satan can assume a pleasing form, and not everything at Earth Mother Acres is as it appears

Stranger with a Black Case

a novel of suspense

Tony pushed a broom along the wall outside the train station. His heart sat like a chunk of iron in his chest. His dad—Vinnie Vinetti—afraid of someone? Vinnie was top dog. He was never afraid of anything or anyone. Till now.

Would someone really try to kill him?