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Jan Cline


JAN CLINE is a firm believer in late bloomers. She began her writing journey at a young age, but didn’t venture into fiction writing until 2009 when a friend dared her to write a novel. Her love for relics and history pointed her to America’s untold stories of the 1930s and 40s, and her first published novel, Emancipated Heart, tells the story of a Japanese-American family living in an internment camp during WW2.

For Jan, researching is just as fun as putting pen to paper, especially when it requires travel to places she’s never been. Her current women’s fiction series, American Dreams, takes readers from the dust bowl years of America’s heartlands through WW2.

In addition to her creative writing credits, which include feature articles, devotionals, anthologies, and a women’s self-help book, Jan has served as a writers conference director and enjoys teaching at conferences and writers groups.

Jan lives in northern Idaho with her husband and spoiled dog. Connect with Jan online at:

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The Pruning

American Dreams, Book 2

Christian Historical Fiction

Clarissa Wilding and her family have just arrived at the train station in Kennewick, Washington. Their decision to move from the drought and dust storms on the Kansas plains seemed like a good one, until Clarissa sees her husband Frank embrace his half-brother William—the man who has offered them the chance to start fresh on his vineyard.
Clarissa knows this man, but by a different name. And it is obvious that William also recognizes her, though he says nothing of their past together.
The Wilding family settles into a cottage on the farm. Frank is thrilled to be back on a productive farm, having lost their crops to the relentless dust storms back home. He is anxious to rekindle his relationship with his brother, but doesn’t understand Clarissa’s resistance to William. Frank is eager to learn the grape and fruit growing business and hopes his work ethic will please his brother. But he is disturbed to see that William has not held on to the Christian teachings of their mother, but instead is angry and resentful of his drunken father, Frank’s step-father.
Both parents are deceased, but unpleasant memories linger for both Frank and William, even after William explains he changed his name to be rid of his father’s reputation.
Clarissa cruelly discovers that you cannot always escape your past. A clandestine meeting is about to test her faith, and expose secrets that could challenge her marriage.
Will Clarissa and her husband cling to God’s promise for a new beginning? Or be destroyed by tragedies and trials.


 …this strong series launch will appeal to fans of Janette Oke.

– Publishers weekly staff Review

of Heaven’s Sky, American Dreams Book 1