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James E. Cressler


James E. (Jim) Cressler is an award-winning author, speaker and poet, and is an active member of Word Weavers International.

“Recovery from drugs and alcohol is all about working with others and service to mankind,” Cressler says. “Demimonde allows the reader to identify with Vonn Thrasher and share his recovery through a great adventure that weaves its way through God’s principles, demonstrating why we must share our experience, strength, and hope to keep sobriety from stagnating and vanishing.

“The time is now. Every day, more and more people suffer at the edges of society, isolated from church and family, bewildered, and contemplating what day might be their last. It is my sincere hope that Demimonde could help start them on their path to recovery from drugs and alcohol.”

Cressler lives with his wife Julia in Central Florida.

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“I am Watcher, Guardian of Reason.

I bring your last chance.”

“I see your future. Fate has given you the number thirteen, for the thirteen steps ascending a gallows deck and the thirteen twists in a hangman’s knot.”

“Stop drinking and drugging before the midnight hour. Tomorrow is too late. Life doesn’t exist in the thirteenth hour. Not for you. Not for any creature. The thirteenth ends in death.”


Demimonde is a sometimes poignant, humorous, no-holds-barred story of the journey to sobriety. James Cressler digs deep, exposing the lies addicts tell themselves, the traps they launch themselves into, and the long, hard, gut-wrenching journey to getting clean.

– 4-Star Customer Review