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Jacob Carter


Jacob Carter was born in the great state of Alabama (Roll Tide). During his late teens he watched Oliver Stone’s Academy Award winning film, JFK and instantly became a student of the assassination case.

Carter spent the next several years researching the event and sifting fact from fiction. He has now developed a passion for educating his generation on this particular time in our history.

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The Table of Truth

An Autopsy of the JFK Research Community


The Kennedy assassination is a vital part of our national history, but for those who study it, it becomes something more, something…personal. That personalization of history creates a healthy passion that drives research forward. But it also carries the risk of becoming dangerous if researchers lose sight of the original goal for studying this pivitol event—the truth.
There are certain cancers insidiously infecting legitmate research, according to bestselling author Jacob Carter. And they are discrediting decades of meticulous work that past generations of researchers have accomplished. This must be fixed if the JFK research community is to move forward.
With The Table of Truth, Carter attempts to identify these cancers, and encourages reform among his colleagues in theJFK research community, through logic and character.

“I was fortunate enough to meet the man who drove  Lee Harvey Oswald to work the day he allegedly assassinated President Kennedy.  I was thrilled to hear what he had to say. here was a fellow that had personally experienced Oswald as his friend and coworker.  He also was a firsthand eyewitness to the events surrounding November 22, 1963. “



Jacob Carter’s first JFK assassination book is terrific and this one is another winner! 

– 5-Star Customer Review

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At 12:30 p.m. on November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. More than half a century has passed since that fateful moment, yet so many questions remain unanswered.
Lone gunman? Conspiracy?
And then there is that one big question:
Does it still matter?

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