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Collection of Inspirational Musings and Art Makes a Perfect Gift, Just in Time for Christmas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tullahoma, TN – December 7, 2011 – WordCrafts Press announces the release of the new inspirational devotional book, Illuminations, by Paula K. Parker with accompanying art by noted sculptor, Tracy H. Sugg, just in time for the Christmas gift giving season.

Internationally acclaimed author/playwright, Paula K. Parker inherited her penchant for seeking peace and solitude early in the morning from her grandmother. During these quiet moments just around dawn, while the rest of the household slept, she would sip a cup of tea, write in her journal and commune with God. Sometimes she would catch a glimpse of something that was at once completely normal, yet somehow simply extraordinary. Some might call those moments revelations. She calls them… Illuminations.

“Sometimes during my devotional or worship times, an image will come to my mind,” Ms. Parker says. “I can’t explain it, but I have to write it down so I can see it; almost as if I am a spectator. Am I claiming that these pictures in my mind are a thus sayeth the Lord? Absolutely not. However, since the Lord made me a visual learner, it does not surprise me that the best way I can understand Him and His Word is through these illuminations.”

Ms. Parker began collecting these illuminations more than 30 years ago. Drawn from her personal times of worship, meditation and life experience, she always considered them to be personal nuggets of encouragement and wisdom that were just for her, and never intended to make them public. At the request of the head of the Women’s Ministry at her church, Ms. Parker contributed a few of these illuminations as part of the ministry’s weekly devotional series. The response was heartfelt and immediate. Encouraged by the demand for more, Ms. Parker agreed to release a book of her inspirational musings.

“Having worked in the music and publishing industry for many years, I have (in my opinion) had the great privilege of working with some of the most gifted writers currently on the literary scene, and I would have to say that Paula Parker most definitely falls with ease into this category,” says Barbie Loflin, founder of Poured Out Ministries and author of Suddenly Sunday and I Wish Someone Had Told Me. “Profound and prolific within her craft, I have come to expect her works to be deeply poignant, but Illuminations reshaped all of my previous determinations regarding the scope and reach of her talent. She is a treasure. I am left to simply say, I am thoroughly and completely enthralled.”

Declaring herself to be a visual learner, Ms. Parker wanted artwork to accompany her musings and turned to her friend, sculptor Tracy H. Sugg. Ms. Sugg initially declined, claiming her gift lay in three-dimensional art. But after reading Ms. Parker’s musing, she changed her mind, picked up her pencils and sketchpad and created the breathtaking Art Nouveau drawings that accompany each devotional.

“I chose the Art Nouveau for several reasons;” Ms. Sugg explains, “the simplicity of the line, the stark beauty of the pen and ink which allows for intricate forms in the borders, and mostly because the style is feminine and lovely, like the author and my friend, Paula. I believe the style is a perfect reflection of her writing.”

A compelling combination of prose and poetry in the tradition of Frances Roberts’ Come Away My BelovedIlluminations is a perfect gift for anyone in need of encouragement, comfort, hope and faith.

About the Author
PAULA K. PARKER is an internationally acclaimed author and playwright. Paula recently co-authored YHWH: The Flood, The Fish & The Giant with New York Times Best-selling novelist, GP Taylor, as the first volume of the Ancient Mysteries Retold series for U.K.-based publishing house, Authentic Media. The second volume, tentatively titled YESHUA: The King, The Demon & The Traitor, is scheduled for release in early 2012. She is currently providing devotional material for The Common English Bible – God’s Thoughts, My Thoughts. Learn more about Paula online at

About the Artist
TRACY H. SUGG served an eight-year apprenticeship under a master sculptor, earning her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture before honing her craft through research in Europe. The signature style of her sculpted figures combines the spontaneity of the French Impressionists with the drama of the Italian Baroque. Her sculptures and monuments have been displayed across the country, including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the U.S. Capital Rotunda. Discover more of her amazing art online at

musings by Paula K. Parker
art by Tracy H. Sugg
WordCrafts Press
Paperback: 146 pages, $11.99

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