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Hallie Lee


Born and raised in Louisiana, most of Hallie’s screenplays and novels are set in the south. Inspired by a landscape rich with cantankerous, salt of the earth folks, Hallie’s characters tend to be ornery, but loveable. Dramatic, but kind. Quirky, but smarter than they appear.

A move to the creative community of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2005 gave her the opportunity to take up screenwriting. As her screenplays were recognized with awards and placements in various contests, she had the opportunity to learn from award winning talents like Kirk Ellis (The John Adams miniseries) and Ronnie Clemmer (A League of Their Own).

But alas, her heart is southern, and when she and her family made another move to Kentucky, it renewed her passion for writing novels. And southern story telling.

The Liar, the first book in The Shady Gully Series is the result. It’s women’s literature, it’s book club fiction, and it’s faith based. It’s Hallie Lee.

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The Liar

women’s fiction

Robin has lived in the small town of Shady Gully, Louisiana her whole life. All she wants is to be popular. And skinny. When Desi, the new girl, is introduced in class, Robin hates her on sight.

Yet fate draws these two alienated girls to one another, and together they are a perfect balance of strengths and weaknesses. Desi and Robin become a force strong enough to overcome mean girls, weight hang-ups, self-doubt and difficult family dynamics.

While Desi grows in popularity, Robin is happy to ride her coattails, but after high school Robin sets off in search of wealth and esteem. Desi stays behind, finding comfort in small-town life.

Although their friendship withstands the test of time, deep-rooted anxieties linger, and when a shocking betrayal ignites old insecurities, their friendship begins to unravel.


​“THE LIAR is a story that resonates with the crippling effects of our insecurities, both those we inherit and the ones we create.”