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Ginny Priz is a Certified Christian Life Coach and Speaker. She is also creator of the Ditch the D.R.A.M.A. audio series, a weekly Serenity video blog. Being born without a full right arm was the blessing that gave her faith in God’s plan for her life. Plus, her prosthetic comes in handy when making one-arm-liners!

After college, she spent a decade struggling with anxiety, codependency, and addiction. Finally, Ginny fully trusted God guide her journey. It was a decision that completely transformed her life to one of joy and freedom.

Today, she has a passion for sharing this transformational power to help others. Ginny’s personal mission is to help women break free of fear and emotions holding them back from living in freedom with Christ so that they can achieve their dreams and walk in God’s will for their lives.

One of her greatest honors has been to serve as a teacher and sponsor through the Celebrate Recovery program. When she is not working or catching up with friends, Ginny enjoys watching science-fiction movies, hiking, and finding new ways to use her prosthetic as a punch line.

To learn more about her speaking and coaching services, visit her online at :