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Frank F. Fiore


Frank F. Fiore is a 5-star rated author of novels in multiple genres including Tecno-Thrillers, Action/Adventures, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Westerns. He lives with his fetching wife in Queen Creek, Arizona.
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CYBERKILL is a story of abandonment and revenge.

Thinking he deleted all of his artificial intelligent agents he created at MIT, Travis Cole begins a new life. What he is unaware of is…he forgot one.

And it’s not happy.

When cyber-terrorism attacks threaten the United States, he realizes two horrifying truths – he is the target and his enemy is not human. His enemy has no conscience, and his allies have their own agenda.

The abandoned and bitter Artificial Intelligence stalks his young daughter through cyberspace in an attempt to reach Cole and gain access to a silicon virus to seek revenge on him – even if it has to destroy all humanity to do it.


Frank Fiore does with military cyber warfare what Tom Clancy does with military hardware. 

– 5-Star amazon Customer Review