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WordCrafts Press and author Jeff S. Bray are pleased to announce the release of the contemporary Christian romance novel, Little Reminders of Who I Am, which impacted retail today, Wednesday, August 12, 2020. The novel follows on the heels of Bray’s bestselling debut novel, The Five Barred Gate, which debuted at the Number 36 spot on’s Contemporary Christian Fiction chart when it released in September of 2019.

Bray’s new novel follows Aaron Stephenson, a young food critic for the popular newspaper, the Houston Gazette. Who wouldn’t love Aaron’s job? He gets to sample the best cuisine at the finest eateries in Houston, without paying a dime. And because there are so many great restaurants in Houston, he doesn’t have to visit the same establishment twice… unless he wants to.

But when Aaron stops in at Davies Deli, a non-descript, off-the-beaten-path, family-owned diner, he suddenly realizes he wants to come back; and it had less to do with the delicious food than the owners’ brown haired, green eyed daughter, Deborah.

Aaron and Deborah feel a mutual attraction. But Deborah has a secret that could change everything.

And then there is Carter…

A sweet romance that offers a wink and a nod to the classic film It’s a Wonderful LifeLittle Reminders of Who I Am will keep readers turning the pages long into the night.

“Life is constantly going on around us, and we take it for granted,” Bray muses. “But we all have everyday moments in our lives that are special. I am afraid that most of us let life pass us by without seeing how special life’s little moments really are. Little Reminders of Who I Am is about getting the second chance at seeing what those little moments meant to the characters, Aaron and Deborah. In the real world, we often don’t get that second chance. I hope this book will be the spark, the little reminder, for someone to look back and see those little things now, and encourage them to live in the moment and make every second count.”

Jeff S. Bray lives in a small town in South Central Texas with his wife Carolyn and two of their five children. They are members of the local First Baptist Church, serving in several capacities, including teaching Sunday School, working with Men’s Ministry, and managing the church’s online presence.

Jeff’s passion for writing began in elementary school with a short story about a lost kitten. His circuitous literary career started with his personal blog, Moments for the Heart, which led to small paid assignments before expanding into magazine articles in national publications.

Jeff is the author of the Christian romance, Little Reminders of Who I Am, the contemporary thriller, The Five Barred Gate, and the Elissa the Curious Snail series of whimsical children’s picture books which help parents introduce basic faith concepts like prayer, even in the face of adversity, into their teachings in a fun and entertaining way.

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