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Jane Austen’s EMMA, the delightfully whimsical new stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, which enjoyed its world premiere at middle Tennessee-based Springhouse Theatre Company earlier this year, is winning over the hearts of critics as well as local theater-goers. The production recently earned a nomination for “Best Play of 2016” from’s Nashville region. Springhouse Theatre Company’s production of Jane Austen’s EMMA also generated Best Actress and Best Actor nominations for Nashville-based actress Corinne Bupp in the title role, and recording artist Brian Barrett as Mr. George Knightley, as well as a Best Director nomination for Margaret Meek.

It’s not the first time Jane Austen’s EMMA has been singled out by the influential theater resource. When the show opened in February 2016, it was included on the Broadway World Nashville’s “Critic’s Choice: The Shows You Just Can’t Miss” list.

According to Broadway World Nashville, “If you love Jane Austen’s novels, or if you just love to laugh, enjoy life and appreciate love, you’re likely to be enchanted by this staging of (playwright) Paula K. Parker’s adaptation of one of Austen’s most enduring – and we daresay delightful – works. The talented supporting cast includes 2016 First Night Most Promising Actor Cate Eunyoung Jo.”

Jane Austen’s feisty, provocative and enchanting heroine, Emma Woodhouse, comes to life on the stage in Parker’s sparkling new stage adaptation. Beautiful, talented and bored, Emma amuses herself by making matches for her acquaintances, and she fancies herself to be quite adept at the practice. But things spin quickly out of control when Emma intervenes in the affairs of the heart of her hapless friend, Harriet. The result is a hilarious comedy of errors that eventually uncovers the secret desires of Emma’s own heart.

Jane Austen’s EMMA is the third of Austen’s novels that Ms. Parker has adapted for the stage. Her other adaptations, Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility, are also available from WordCrafts Theatrical Press. Jane Austen’s EMMA is available for production by either amateur or professional theatre companies.