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Author Eleni McKnight is celebrating the release of her debut novel, HOME, which impacted retail today, Tuesday, November 22, 2016, from WordCrafts Press. Set in a stark, dystopian future, Home is the last bastion of civilization in a corrupt and fallen world. Outside the protective perimeter of Homedwell the reanimated dead, cannibals, and scavengers; remnants of a once great race. Inside, the commune is ruled with an iron fist by Deacon, and administered without mercy by the Elders.

Everyone knows their place in Home. Everyone is safe in Home…as long as they follow the rules.

Like the other young women in Home, handmaiden Suzannah Commons is content to train for her future role as a wife and mother, the only occupation open to women in the commune. But her world is turned upside-down when she tastes the forbidden knowledge contained in outlawed books. Suzannah discovers a new way of life is possible; but that knowledge comes at a high price.

It could cost her life. Or the life of the boy she loves.

HOME is already gaining traction with readers, cracking multiple bestseller lists from online behemoth, The Kindle version debuted at #29 on’s “Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Dystopian eBooks” chart while the paperback version debuted at #51 on the “Hot New Releases – Teen & Young Adult Dystopian” chart. The paperback version of HOME also climbed to the #66 spot on’s “Hot New Releases in Dark Fantasy” chart.

HOME is a Young Adult dystopian fantasy novel. While there is plenty of action and adventure that will appeal to boys, McKnight says she intentionally wrote the story from the perspective of a young woman. “I’d love for people in general to read HOME and realize the importance of reading and literacy,” she says. “But I’d especially love for girls to read this and realize that it’s important to think for yourself, and to love yourself. With so many mixed messages bombarding girls, those are hard things to do in today’s society.”